Live life like you want ~


I mean..

if she does move on from all this

she will never ever ever get anything close to what you gave her

and maybe she’ll realize this before it’s too late

maybe she didn’t appreciate what she had, or realize it was there”

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you’ve become so
damaged, that when
someone wants to
give you, what you
you have no idea,
how to respond. 

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I hope that one day,


we’ll be the same again. That things can go back to the way they once were. That you would talk to me every day. That we could hang out and do the things people consider hella boring, but still have fun. That I can count on you again. That you’re in my life again. That I won’t have to miss you anymore, because you’ll actually be there for me. I hope that one day, this all comes true. But until then.. I wish the best for you.

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You smile everyday, but are you really happy?

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